Fight Back with Our Penguin and Panda Recovery Services

Have your Google rankings suddenly fallen? You may have been penalised by Penguin or Panda. Google is regularly updating the algorithm in order to offer their users the best results when conducting a search.

While many websites go unaffected by Google’s small changes, major updates have the potential to significantly reduce the rankings for businesses.

Some of the recent algorithm updates (Penguin 2.0, 2.1 and Panda 4.0) sought about targeting websites that were using poor SEO tactics or black hat techniques in order to achieve impressive rankings. These updates payed particular attention to the quality of backlinks on a website, and the overall experience the site was offering users. As a result, a lot of businesses suffered as their rankings plummeted, leaving them scrambling for a solution.

When you notice a decline in your rankings, you want to get back into that page one position — and fast! If you are looking for a company that can help you identify why the penalty occurred, and what to do to resolve the issue, rely on us here at First Page. Our expert search engine optimization specialists use their knowledge and experience to thoroughly analyse the cause of the penalty and work to create a tailored strategy to recover your rankings.

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