Your Site on the First Page for National Searches – Guaranteed

First Page is a leading provider of national SEO services. With a staff comprised of strategic and technical experts, as well as an international network of affiliates, we’re ideally placed to help ensure your site appears at the top of the search results when users anywhere in Hong Kong search for what you’ve got to offer. In fact, we guarantee it – we’ll get your website on page one for the agreed key phrases within 90 days, or you stop paying until we do!

What ‘national SEO’ really means

National SEO services are campaigns which target users from all over Hong Kong, so no matter where your potential client/customer is searching from, they’ll see your site first. It’s all about ensuring you are visible on a national stage, instead of just in your local area. This can be difficult to measure, but here at First Page, we’re experts in analytics and comprehensive reporting.

National SEO is ideal for clients with broad service areas, or with physical outlets in several locations across the country. It is also a great choice for brands with plans to expand in the near future.

How we do it

Our national SEO packages are built around words and phrases that are relevant to the entire country. These packages are also structured to ensure that we’re able to give you enough resources to get ahead of your competition. When working on the initial stages of your campaign, we take extra care to select key phrases that are broad, rather than specific to individual neighbourhoods. We also ensure that we plan an approach which yields long term growth as well as short term results.

The overall result is strong yet steady growth in rankings across the key phrases that matter most to you.

Pay less, get more

At First Page, we tailor our packages to meet our clients’ needs; there are no standardised options, which means you only pay for what you need. To discuss your unique requirements with one of our consultants, call +852 2815 0883 now.